- Colorist salary survey -


We believed in order to strengthen our community it is important to get an idea about the economic situation of colorists in different parts of the world and different employment situations.

So in 2019 we started the first colorist salary survey and published the results in the PDF linked below.

While the results were very interesting and discussed during Colorist Mixer events and among our members, the number of replies in the next year's survey were significantly lower. This made a sensible assessment impossible without giving away almost individual entries. And this would be against our promise to keep the survey anonymous.

After many attempts to push for more participation in the survey we have given up and have to assume that there is not enough interest and need for this kind of information. Maybe the over all situation of most colorists is actually pretty good at least in regards to working conditions and financial situation.

Thank you very much to those who participated and sorry that we're not able to provide any assessment of the data provided!


Results of the 2019 survey


August 2022


Colorist job profile