- Colorist salary survey 2020 -


We believe in order to strengthen our community it is important to get an idea about the economic situation of colorists in different parts of the world and different employment situations.

The goal for the following survey is to collect anonymous information about salaries (daily rates and wages) and field of work.

The results of the 2019 survey can be downloaded and hopefully used by all of us to evaluate our current situation including equal pay among gender and experience levels and guide starting colorists in questions about rates and wages.


We started this questionnaire within Berlin in 2019, meaning to address colorists mainly working in Berlin. Based on this, we updated some of the questions and opened it world-wide.

Please make sure to submit just one response per person!

And please share this questionnaire with colleagues and fellows from our industry. Increase business confidence for you and your colleagues by passing on the word or tweet about results you find in this survey data, while you do this please acknowledge

Thank you!

Colorist Salary Survey (Google Form)


Berlin, Dezember 2020


Colorist job profile